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Miracle iPhone 5 Cases For iPhone Fans

Posted Apr 03 2013 10:30am

We are well known that iPhone accessories are hot sellers, from small drawings of the headphone jack, to audio combination for iPhone. Of course apart from protector of the most commonly purchased, it is an important case. Now shell pursuit is not just security, but rather an expression of personal taste or style, distinguished by color, styling is a strong expression of self-recognition. Describes six makes your iPhone an absolute different protective case!

Cute sheep cases: Sheepy

Different from other common cases, "Sheepy" brings real to the touch, except for winter heating, sheep also have clean cloth on the front of the screen features shooting function does not affect the camera on the back, is functional and cute design combined with a protective case.

Diving man: TAT77

Like diving or surfing? This "TAT77" know that in order to protect the iPhone can cover important for outdoor sports, the "TAT77" transparent pressure-resistant shell, except for appearance does not change the iPhone design, can take photographs, newsletters, and other actions in the sea. Their ability to dive 30 meters, I'm sure that waterproof is totally fine.

Taylor Mug iPhone 5

Appearance of this mug made from silicone back cover, even beyond then. From one perspective, will make people mistake it for a cup! (But don't really help pour coffee) "Taylor Mug iPhone 5" this Cup also spawned a variety of placement and use, the only problem is not the price but at the expense of the camera. Do you like these unique and cute iPhone 5 cases?


In order for us to maintain a childhood of happy times, specifically in three stages (top, bottom, grip) of plastic objects, integrated body protection for iPhone brings an interesting appearance. "EMIE ICELICK"-d ice cream ice cream concept, using a variety of colors, include Strawberry (Pink), Blueberry (blue), Orange (yellow), lime (green), chocolate (Brown), the bottom of the handgrip the some 90 degree turn, makes iPhone upright or horizontally. Besides, if you buy these DENNIS ICELICK case, you can enjoy cheap iPhone cases free shipping.

NUKLES iPhone4/4S Case

The nukles Tiger case is a protective shell for iPhone4/4S, claims to be the first aluminum alloy material, produced this has four finger holes appear iPhone shell that can be used to knock people! Some people think he is a fashion, some people feel kind of weird, designed to prevent hand falls off the "Chrome Nukle iPhone Case" maybe another feature really is self defense?!

Armor case

For millions of per second, often need to access many dangerous nation or people, "bullet-proof" that feature absolute is a prerequisite when purchasing any goods. This must watch. 50-caliber sniper who Japan manufacturers launched fits the demand of products.

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