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Canada volunteer navy

Posted Dec 04 2012 12:45pm
The submarine and its carrier aircraft all used to defend a native of Japan, and Japanese are also staged from the water and the attack on Pearl Harbor, the opportunity is lost.
    Dönitz suddenly remembered what homeport in the British special fleet plan, Plymouth Harbor? landing, like the port of Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, is too far away, some smaller naval base anti-submarine and anti-raid ability is too weak. non-fixed routes between waterways navigation change for everyone is the commander of the British Fleet, would choose which sailed way? Von Hippel after the finish, the crowd are caught thinking. Naval victory in September, the German raid fleet may really want to escape the British dogged the Fleet.
    Churchill and his generals in the distant Atlantic end of the line, also fleet routes discuss.
    Canada volunteer navy 准将约比蒂 to speak out against, since the outbreak of war, to the British war tenth and they ride ship buried under the German submarine torpedoes for the German submarine Canadians hate and Fear in this particularly British fleet, the battleship Canadians manipulation accounted for a third of Britons accounted for half, the rest of the recruitment of volunteers from Australia and New Zealand. originally Churchill also hope to recruit some American sailors However, the U.S. government strictly prohibit U.S. citizens to participate in a fleet inside.
    The British have their own opinion, loyal dominion One of.
    knew or make your own decision just fine.
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