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I am a single mom of 4 lovely dauthers (18, 15, 12, and 9 yrs). I am an avid scuba diver! I garden and love cooking, decorating, playing backgammon, rock-climbing, and watching movies with lots of popcorn.


Newport Beach, California
Dr. Nona Djavid is a well-respected and trusted doctor of chiropractic and wellness coach with a private practice in Newport Beach, CA.  Founder and head chiropractor at the Wellness Choice Center, Dr. Djavid is dedicated to the creation of transformative experiences of vitality for her patients, through nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes, and natural alternatives. ...

Braxton P.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Blog author Braxton Ponder is a Licensed Acupuncturist whose work has taken him around the world, exposing him to a broad range of healthcare systems and practices. He draws upon this background, as well as his ongoing clinical experience, when he offers news analysis and commentary about healthcare and healthy living. His articles also examine insurance systems and policy decisions that affect...


Woonsocket, Rhode Island
I enjoy educating people about the importance of whole food nutrition.  Especially like to explain that if you are going to supplement your diet be sure again it is with whole food and not vitamins.  I am also educating on the dangers of chemicals in our skin and body products.  We tend to look at ingredients that we eat but think nothing of what we put on our bodies.  With...

Blake B.

Nashville, Tennessee
I work at a Music Production Company, on music row, here in NAshville, TN.  In my spare time I love to enjoy the outdoors wether it's running, biking, or just taking a walk around the park. I also love strength and endurance training... always makes me feel more energetic and creative throughout the day  : )