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Mr. Kuhn was trained as an analytical chemist at SUNY Geneseo. He began his career in the... Full Bio
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Computer System Validation (CSV) Audit Mindmap

As a break from writing, I finished the first electronic version of my CSV Audit Mindmap . The intent is for it to be a mental tickler during an...

ALCOA – A standard for evidence

Reblogged from T. J. Kuhn | GxP Zone: In my current role (Clinical Quality Assurance), I support groups that are involved in...

Mobile Devices in Medicine

There’s been a lot of interest in expanding the use of mobile electronic devices as a part of medical treatment. They’ve been in use in clinical...

More Bad News for Travel

As reported by the BBC , British Airways flight crews will begin their strike soon.

Continental to Cancel Flights to Avoid Fines

As a business traveler, this is troubling news: Due to the government’s knee-jerk reaction, the cost of travel will be rising sharply. Now,...

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