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Swimming Tips

Swim gear

Anti-fog goggles

Look for goggles with Anti-fog to help avoid them from clouding up while you swim.

Cap it

Wear a swim cap to keep your hair dry and improve your efficiency.

Goggles that fit

Make sure your goggles fit your face and are snug enough to not come off while you're swimming.

No board shorts

Get a real 'competitive' swimsuit if you want to get serious about swimming. It will reduce drag and help you swim efficiently.

Use a pull buoy

A pull buoy is a floatation device that goes between your legs to keep your legs up while you focus on your arm stroke. It's good for working on your technique.

Wetsuit = warm suit

If you're swimming in cold water, wear a wet suit. A swimming wetsuit is different from a surfing wetsuit, so check to see what kind it is.