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Thailand vacation Koh Tao Island, also known as Turtle Island is situated approximately 45 km from Koh Phangan. It i ...
Aug 21 2012 11:10am
Mentality and Swimming Here is an article from a triathlon swimming web site that I thought you may find interesting: ...
Feb 20 2009 11:55am
Should Women Pace a Triathlon Swim Differently... Here is a triathlon swimming article about the differences in Men Vs Women in triathlon swimming ...
Feb 14 2009 3:29pm
Goggles or Aquasphere Mask? Good triathlon swimming article on the benefits of using swedish goggles compared to the aquaspher ...
Feb 07 2009 8:14pm
Swimming in the morning A new gym opened nearby, and I've started swimming in the mornings! I find it a great way to start ...
Aug 21 2008 5:03pm
is there a public pool in aiken,S,C, Is there a public pool in aiken,S,C,
Jun 24 2008 3:36pm
Good goggles don't leave marks Lesson for the day – don’t go cheap on the goggles. After continually having leakage problems ...
Apr 15 2008 1:19pm
which goggles were these?  more
Jun 14 2009 11:52am
plan ahead & train properly Always be sure to plan enough in advance for the competition in terms of your training workouts. ...
Jessica K.
Oct 21 2007 2:57pm
Jump in! Swimming is one of the best types of activities you can add to your exercise regimen. It not only c ...
Jessica K.
Oct 21 2007 2:21pm
I imagine you mean swimming laps? Or do most movements in the pool (arms and legs... more
Nov 09 2007 6:09pm
Swimming--Not So Great of a Weight-Loss Activity Think that swimming is the perfect way to lose weight and show off that new bikini? Think again. F ...
Aug 27 2007 3:31pm
"...was information I culled from a former personal trainer..." Is that because it... more
Apr 30 2008 10:16am