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The heart rate response to swimming is more moderate than the response seen in dry land exercise

Posted Oct 28 2009 10:42pm


The heart rate response to swimming is more moderate than the response seen in dry land exercise..

  • Warm-up: 250 to 400 meters easy crawl, breast, and back strokes. Do not over-exert yourself!
  • 4x50 balance drill: Scissors kick with arms extended in front of you (without a kickboard). Your head should be in the water and turned to the side to breathe. Consciously press your upper chest into the water to bring your hips up. You may use swim fins if your forward progress is slow. Pause every 25 or 50 meters to catch your breath. This is not a race, but a drill to improve your balance in the water.
  • 2x50 side balance drill: Scissors kick on your right side with your right arm extended. Your head should be leaning on your right shoulder with your mouth just above the surface. Remember to balance properly by pressing your armpit into the water. Do 2x50 on your left side. Again, pause every 25 or 50 meters to catch your breath.
  • 4x50 single arm pulls: This time you will concentrate on rolling the trunk during the pull phase of the stroke. Begin as you did with the initial balance drill; face down, scissors kick, pressing the chest. This time you will keep your left hand extended while you pull your right hand through the stroke and turning your body to its left side (you should be facing the right wall of the pool). Do not pull your arm quickly through the water. Pull it deliberately and allow it to search out a rung on the ladder (still water). Pause briefly on your side, your right hand resting on your right hip. Recover the right arm close to the body, returning it to meet the extended left hand. Perform 4x50 for the left arm.
  • 4x50 double arm pulls: This drill brings together the elements in the three previous drills. It is performed similarly to the single arm pull. This time, however, you will alternate pulling right and left arms (remembering to roll the body each time). Remember to balance on your center of buoyancy.
  • Do not neglect the proper technique during the remainder of your workout. You may finish your workout with any combination of distance or interval workouts. Here is an example:
  • 2x100 breast stroke
  • 2x100 back stroke
  • 10x50 freestyle: Rest 30-60 seconds. Count the number of strokes with each 50 meter interval and try not to exceed 22 strokes. Remember, good swimmers swim fast because of a long stroke length! Your goal should be to reduce the number of strokes you take in 50 meters.
  • Cool-down: 150-250 meters easy stroke(s) of your choice.
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