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Swimming with Water Weights

Posted Apr 24 2013 7:20am

We all know the amazing benefits of swimming, but how about kicking things up a notch with Water Weights?

I have been enjoying deep water aqua fit classes 3 times a week.  I really feel that is the ideal workout because your entire body is engaged in keeping you afloat and the resistance involved for your arms, legs, hands and feet is fantastic!

Really pay attention to the muscles that are engaged while doing those classes.  One particular class, the instructor gave us some foam dumbbells to use.  I knew they would probably have some benefit, but I had no idea of just how much!

So, one day after class, I went into the regular family swim area with the water weights.  There were 2 types, the blue were the regular and the yellow were more dense, making them even more resistant.

I spent a half hour swimming back in forth doing various things with them.  My favorite was holding them together in front of me (similar to those paddle boards) and to have them vertical, much like hammer curls.  Hold them just under the water and you will be amazed at the muscle engagement in your arms as well as your core!

So bicep curls under water, move the water just slightly under the surface from side to side, twisting at the waist.

I have had life guards tell me they never thought of the different types of positions and ways to use them and were going to try them too.

You can come up with countless ways to utlize these amazing foam bar bells.  My arms, shoulders, tri and biceps are looking nicely defined.

Spice up your next trip to the pool with water weights!


- Terri Rau


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