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Swimming Tips - Swim Technique

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Join a Masters Team. Most communities have a ‘Masters' team for adults who want to improve their swimming skills. You don't have to be a ‘master' to join!
Learn breaststroke. Even if you are a ‘freestyle' swimmer, breaststroke is a great way to strengthen your thighs, and see where you're going in open water.
Look down. For freestyle swimming, your eyes should be focused on the bottom of the pool when you're not breathing.
Maximize DPS. Focus on maximizing your Distance Per Stroke by counting the number of strokes it takes you to get to the other side. Work on reducing it.
Reach. For freestyle swimming, make sure to really reach forward when you stroke, as if you're reaching for the next rung on a ladder.
Relax. Try to let your body relax and glide with the water.
Rotate your body. For freestyle swimming, make sure to rotate your body at your hips when you switch from one stroke to the next.
Swim often. The more you swim, the more comfortable you will feel in the water. You're better off swimming more times per week than doing longer swims.
Switch strokes. Try switching strokes every few laps. If you're used to freestyle, try breaststroke, butterfly or backstroke.
Use flippers. Occasionally, use flippers to help you achieve better body position. Keep in mind what that feels like when you stop using them.
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