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News-Juve officials announced Pei Lusuo the physical examination first sign has been finalized in the 2013 Winter

Posted Jan 04 2013 3:14am

Local time on January 2, the Juventus club announced on the official website, the Juventus club medical the Italian

international 后卫佩鲁索 has accepted. In the morning, Pei Lusuo came to Turin to accept a series of medical examinations, the

first clinic examination of Havre Nagorno-Karabakh, then went to the Institute of Sports Medicine in Turin second examination.

And after physical examination, Pei Lusuo in vinovo for the first time took part in the the Juventus team training. Juve and the

two clubs in Atlanta would be published soon details of player transfers. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of sheets) not

found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (/ 7) forwarded to the micro-Bo 28-year-old the Pei Lusuo from Lazio youth, the

beginning has been the effectiveness of low-level league, until joining Atlanta in 2009 before we get the opportunity to

participate in the Serie A, is also a hard work from the bottom up, grassroots players. With more and more excellent the Pei

Lusuo performance in Atlanta, in August 2012, he won the chance of playing for the Italian national team for the first time,

while in September Italy World Cup qualifier against Malta Pei Lusuo there goals . Pei Lusuo can play left defender and left-

back, which Lazio Jersey is exactly Juve need to replenish the two locations. Juventus in December last year, with Brazilian veteran Lucio

termination with 后基耶利尼 suffered serious injuries in defense, Juve staff shortages. Juve left side of the road the main

players in Asamoah because you want to participate in the African Cup of Nations in the absence of more than a month. The Pei

Lusuo after joining Juventus competent two locations, he certainly can contribute to the team. Juve back in before the start of

the season, once Buy Pei Lusuo both clubs, but there is no agreement. But Atlanta Pei Lusuo leave well prepare them in the summer

on the introduction Brivio and Pei Lusuo position overlapping Pei Lusuo leave does not give Atlanta too great an effect. In

January 1, Pei Lusuo to the Atlanta locker room and took away their personal belongings, bid farewell and his teammates. You

Wenguan network the official public Bupeilusuo join, but Italian media had already revealed that Juventus Prize rent buy

introduction Pei Lusuo a winter rental fee of one million euros, after the end of the season, with 400 million euro buyout

players. "Turin sports newspaper said, in the finalized Pei Lusuo After joining, the next Juve is also preparing to introduce a

striker Llorente Cheap DAVID LUIZ Chelsea Away Long Sleeve Football Shirt / Kit is the first choice for the Bianconeri. Macy's 2013 wish: good health and more take title to win World Cup

tickets left Argentina to fly back to Barcelona, ??Messi accepted the interview with "Ole". In the interview, Macy promise of 2013

three of his wish: he wants to earn more with Barcelona champion, he led Argentina to get World Cup tickets, he also hope that

everyone's health. Messi and his sponsored children in sports within the context, I will always have a lot of desire and I hope

as much as possible to win the trophy with Barcelona, ??and I hope and Argentina rounded out the World Cup. "Messi Wishing," in the

work of the In addition, I pray that the health, this is the most important. "In the year 2012, Messi scored 12 goals for

Argentina, flea talking about the national team:" We all want to better prepare for the 2014 World Cup, we are confident to

complete this a daunting task, and we are very excited. "In 2012, Messi scored a world record 91 balls, whether this is his best

year? The flea avoided: "I always want an overall improvement, I do not think about my personal sporting achievements. Course,

when I am older I become, but at least Chelsea FC Shirts now I do not stop to think about these. "Barcelona make history? Messi do not want to

bring their own extra pressure: "We just want to continue to progress ..." Vilanova, Macy also sent a blessing: "We are with him

in, I'm going to give him the most beautiful 's blessing, his health is always the most important. "Messi last Tiago refused to

talk about his son:" Tiago to bring our family a lot of hope and joy, which is the greatest in my life happened things from after

he was born, of course we have a lot of anecdotes, but this is a private matter. "Messi has returned to Spain, fleas how New

Year's Eve in Argentina? Messi Foundation revealed the answer. Messi Foundation on Facebook posted a photo of a Macy's and a lot

of poor children. These teenagers in Argentina, Messi Foundation to obtain the help of fleas. Scorer in the 21st century:

Warcraft K God to lead Messi 3 C Luo ranks 7th International Football History and Statistics Federation (IFFHS), today announced

the top scorer in the 21st century. The statistics in this list, the goals of the players in the national team at international A

class competition, and goals in club continental competition. Team A-level competitions, SUAREZ Liverpool Away Jersey including the Olympic Games, including.

When the total number of goals with the same team Class A game goal ranking. In this list, Drogba, Klose and Messi points out the

top three, C Luo is ranked seventh. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi Drogba front only beats (Figure), Drogba international

game scoring a total of 104 balls in the 21st century. Warcraft Côte d'Ivoire scored 59 goals for Marseille and Chelsea scored 45

goals in international competition. Klose and Messi's goals were 94 goals, Klose national team scoring more came in second place.

Klose scored 67 goals for the German team, the war in Europe compared with 27 goals ball club. Messi for the Argentine national

team and Olympic team scored 33 goals in 61 international goal, and scored for Barcelona. And Massey and called when the World

Gemini C-Lo, ranked No. 7 in this ranking. C Ronaldo for Portugal team scored 38 goals for Manchester United and Real Madrid has

scored 46 goals in international competition, the total number of goals for the 84 ball. Between Messi and C Lo Eto'o (92), Ruud

van Nistelrooy (87) and Henry (85), C Luo will soon be completed beyond them. 21st century scorer (brackets for the national

competitions, the goals / Club InterContinental game LAMPARD England Home Jersey 2012-2013 goals) ranked players of the national team / club total number of goals the

national team goals / club tournament. Goals Drogba Côte d'Ivoire / Marseille, Chelsea 10459/452 Klose Germany / Kaiserslautern,

Werder Bremen, Bayern, Lazio 9467/273 Messi Argentina / Barcelona 9433/614 Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon / Mallorca, Barcelona, ??Inter

Milan, An Zhi 9248/445 Ruud Netherlands / Manchester United, Real Madrid, Hamburg 8734/536 Henry France / Arsenal the Barcelona

8543/427C Luo Portugal / Manchester United, Real Madrid 8438/468 Villa Spain / Zaragoza, Valencia Barcelona 8354/299 Raul of

Spain / Real Madrid, Schalke 047826/5210 Ibrahimovic Sweden / Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, ??AC Milan, Paris Saint-

Germain 7542/33 "Florentino had previously acknowledged Real Madrid in a tense atmosphere. "When a top team is not in the best

condition, everything will become very difficult. Tension, fans and players are also under pressure because of the unsatisfactory

results. However, in life or in the world of football, must rely on friendship and solidarity to ride out the storm. Life is not

an easy task, we must seek to change the status quo. This is a hopeful year, we should strive to greatly improve. "C position C

Luo not only avoid talking about their own future, also said nothing about the future of Mourinho:" I do NASRI France Home Jersey 2012-2013 not know, it depends on

him and the club's status. I want him to stay, because he is the right coach. For a top club, he is a top manager. I think he

should leave, but everyone's future, can only be decided by his own. Casey bench on War Battle Malaga C Lo this statement: "To

me, anything that happens in football will not let my surprise. I think he is very good, Adam and Jesus, too. His backup is a

technical and tactical decisions, we must respect this decision. Here the BOSS is coach, his team sake. The coach is the person

to make a decision, we have to respect. "In the Spanish league, Real Madrid, 16 points behind Barcelona, ??the C Lo talked about

defending the prospects:" Obviously, very difficult reversal. At first, we lost a lot of scores should not be lost, I do not know

why, maybe we are not good enough. The opponents sometimes is to win, we just can not win, this kind of thing often happens in

football, and we must be ready for a better response. We are not in the best moments, I admit it, but we must face the status

quo. As long as we train hard, good things will come for sure. '

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