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how many calories burned while swimming?

Posted by jayn

Good day.
I've been swimming regularly for about 3 months, 6x per week. I do the breaststroke, 50 lengths in a 25m pool. It takes me about 43 (or so) mins. My heartrate starts at 8 beats / 6 seconds and finishes at 16 beats / 6 seconds. I weigh 237 lbs. (but it's going down each week!)
My question is.... how do I figure out how many calories I've burned? I've looked at several different websites and they are all different. I really do need to keep track of my expended calories and not knowing is driving me nuts!
So, could you help me? Perhaps direct me to the best website? send me an email adddress of someone who'd know? or hey... maybe you know the answer yourself???
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Hey I use the charts to estimate how many calories I've burned. I know its not perfectly accurate but an estimate is better than nothing. I usually take the high end of the chart if my workout is intense and the low end if I'm exercisely easily. Swimming I would guess burns around 700-1200 calories an hour. I would also guess i average about 800-900 per hour in the pool. Bottom line, you want to burn more. Stay longer. I know it gets hard around 45 mins, but stay for 60. Then try and stay for 75. Build build build. Swim some freestyle too. Backstroke, anything to make it less boring and to extend your workout. That's my recomendation.
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