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Can I go swimming if I have just had a body piercing?

Posted by Be Well

Can I go swimming if I have just had a body piercing?
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A new body piercing may be sore, red and tender. It may become infected. You should treat any new piercing with special care, making sure to keep it clean.

It can take anything from a few days to three weeks for the initial soreness to go away. The healing time varies depending on which part of the body is pierced and how well it is looked after. Generally, the healing period is around three months.

If you have just had a body piercing, it is recommended that you do not go swimming until your piercing has healed properly. The chlorine that is used in swimming pools may cause the piercing to dry out, making it tear more easily.

Swimming in streams, lakes, rivers or the sea, is not recommended during the healing period. The water may be unclean and you could get an infection. Also, avoid using hot tubs and jacuzzis because they may increase the risk or infection.

Once your body piercing has healed, if you do decide to go swimming, make sure you cover your piercing properly using a waterproof bandaid or bandage, available over-the-counter (OTC) at pharmacies.

When it comes to washing, have showers instead of baths, so that the water you are washing with is completely clean. Bathtubs tend to harbor bacteria. If you do want to have a bath, make sure you wash the bath thoroughly first. After bathing, gently pat down the pierced area with a paper tissue or a clean towel.

While your piercing is healing, make sure that you clean it thoroughly using a sterile saline solution, a non-iodized salt and water mixture, or an antimicrobial soap. If you clean your piercing with a saline solution, you should clean the area two or three times a day. If using soap, you should clean it once or twice daily.

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