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Better to swim or run?

Posted by amy l.

which would be better/more effective for a good cardio workout - swimming or running... -
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Swimming. Swimming, in my opinion, is a much better overall workout than running. Not only will you get a cardio workout (and a seriously tough cardio workout at that), you will also tone all of your muscles while you swim. Swimming is also much easier on the joints, and especially the knees. Now that it's summertime, swimming is also much more enjoyable than jogging in hot weather (in my opinion, at least). If you are looking to get an overall good workout, you can't go wrong with swimming.
Why or? I think that it is important for a runner to include swimming into their workout regime to reduce the overall impact on their joints of running. I also think it is important for a swimmer to include weight baring workouts to keep bones and joints nice and strong. Both are extremely good cardiovascular workouts. Both compliment eachother. You can't go wrong- include both is even better.

You will benefit most from a blend of swimming, running and (like Kristy said) weight lifting for muscle strength. If you and fit some biking into the mix, I believe you'll have an excellent workout regimen.

Runners should run heavy/light, meaning that a day of a run with heavy stress should be followed by a day of light stress. Walking, light swimming, a shorter run, or a rest day can be used on a light day.

I would suggest  swim as good cardio workout.

Each and every part of human body will get activated while swimming.

Most of all he / she should be less taught on swimming or else a known swimmer wont put more work on his body keeping himself lazy being in mashroom position in water.

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