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Sweet Tooth Runner

London, United Kingdom
Hello!! My name is Emma, aka the Sweet Tooth Runner! I blog about my life- fuelling my active vegan lifestyle with chocolate...
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Spokane, Washington
Ben coaches and trains individuals for weight loss, lean muscle gain, holistic wellness, and sports performance, both in Spokane, Washington and Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho (at Human Wellness Solutions) as well as all over the world (online training from the website Pacific Elite Fitness).   He also runs the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, the internet’s top...

Lindsay C.

Living the life as a pro triathlete's wife, nutrition manager & fitness consultant, kombucha lover, and wannabe wino who has a joyous passion for GLUTEN FREE cooking!
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California 90210
Living with a passion for everything healthy! Follow me on Twitter!!/MovesnMunchies 

The New Healthy

California 46385
I have been reading blogs for over a year, and I finally decided it is time to start one of my own! I am a weight loss success story along with many other bloggers! I have lost (and kept off) over 50 pounds since January of 2009. I am a fitness-loving vegetarian, student, mother, and much more! I love to try new things and I always look for new challenges to keep me on my toes!


I am in my early 20s and enjoying life to its fullest by eating healthy, enjoying education, and exercising regularly.
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California NE3 2AW
Hi there! I'm Emma, the author of a little vegan blog called "The Quirky Kitchen". Drop by and I'll make you something super tasty and healthy to boot! Join me on my culinary crusades, the good, the bad and the down right ugly! As well as experimenting with new and random ingredients, I also love to run, practice yoga and most of all DANCE! I ran London marathon in 2009....I may...

Eat, Learn, Discover!

New York, New York
Hi, I'm Rachel!  I'm a 21 year old college student in New York City with a passion for staying fit, eating well, and mentally and physically healthy.  I blog about my eats, workouts, and journey to a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Come check out my site!


Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
A gluten free vegan fashion student. Lover of pepsi max, kabocha squash and sweet baked/raw goods. Peanut butter addict. The best things come in small packages ;)

Sara B.

Chicago, Illinois
I want to meet YOU! I want to read YOUR blog! I live and breathe health and fitness and adventure. I want to figure out the topics REAL people want to read and write about them. I love to write and am a certified personal trainer, and I have recently merged the two at I am up for anything, passionate about healthy living and changing lives..... I want to help you...