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I'm an indie musician and MA student of Russian and East European Area Studies continually and bafflingly more interested in healthy living each day.
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back in business...but where are all the photos?

Well, hello! It's been a while. Since my last post, I finished my first 40 Days program, received my Master's degree, got married,...

#wiaw: 40 days fruit feast

It's been crazy around these parts for the past few weeks! It feels like I've either been at the studio or getting work done every...

namas-day: 40 days week two - vitality

I had intended to write this post Monday night, but the tragedy at the Boston Marathon made it seem so inconsequential. Even though I...

namasday: 40 Days Week 1 + Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Recap

The past week has flown by, probably because it has been an exciting one, filled with my first seven days of 40 Days to Personal...

#wiaw: polish easter dinner

By far the most interesting and delicious thing I've eaten in the last week has been my Polish Easter dinner! On the menu...

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