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I am a health writer and a blogger. I have written for several online magazines. Let me describe this blog. Homosapien means a specific name for modern man.This blog talks about various health issues in a lively, interesting and informative manner. Taking into consideration your precious time the... Full Bio
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Nutritious, Easy to Prepare Summer Salads at Your Finger Tips

The summer has reared its blazing head in many parts of the globe. During the summer time it is wise to include foods that have plenty...

Vitamin E Promotes Your Neuronal Health

Do you like tofu, spinach, almonds, roasted sunflower seeds, avocados, shell fish, olive oil and broccoli? Has Swarnam gone nuts? You...

A Spoonful of Yogurt a Day Keeps Your Sadness Away

It’s astonishing to know that simple things can change the whole outlook of life. This may sound ridiculous, but I am here to prove my...

Gratitude Journaling Can Prolong Your Life Span

Photo courtesy of People!  I am going to tell you a secret. Just be thankful for what you have, and you will...

Pomegranate Juice And Dates Can Greatly Enhance Heart Health

I am going to tell you about an interesting and delicious combination, that could work miracles for your heart. The hauntingly red...

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