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SV Crystal Blues

Greetings from the crew of Crystal Blues. On this site you can share in our travels, interests and experiences. The site contains a lot of information that we hope will be of value to other cruisers. Many site links, plus a wide range of information, document downloads, and video links, all in the... Full Bio
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On Board USS Carl Vinson

We sail with just 2 crew most times, so it was amazing to visit a vessel with a ship's crew of 3000, plus another 3000 "passengers"...

We "Love" The Mallacca Straits

This was our eleventh Malacca Straits passage, and it turned out to be just like some of the others - a pain in the neck. ...

Bound For Penang, Smoky Haze

We departed Singapore this morning on schedule, clearing immigration just after noon and turning westward across the bottom of the...

Escaping Singapore

Crazy Curved Buildings At The Marina That's us on the right, so keen to move, sitting here with our mainsail up in the...

Black Streaks Are Us

Escaping the grind of 12 hour work days in Manila, boat work seemed an attractive option and Crystal Blues has been ignored for some time. ...
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Oct 16 2009 by nico
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Oct 16 2009 by nico

where do you find a high gain antenna for wifi in singapore?

french s/v NEZ ROUGE


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