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Apr 21 2008 by Christy D.

Hi Suzanne. The best way to reach your goals is to have lots of support. Also, to get involved, like you are here at Wellsphere.  I am also a part of another community called Team Beach Body. I use the message boards, work out in the virtual gym, have success buddies, and I use all the sight tools that are offered, such as a Thin Kitchen show, trainer tips, and the customized nutriton and eaitng plan. The more ways you get involved in a community of fitness the more likely you are going to succeed.


I am also a mother of three. The youngest is 17 months. I was a public school teacher for nine years, teaching mainly 5th and 6th grades. I know this time of year is hectic and everyone is ready for summer. Hang in there, and focus in on your fitness goals, and go for it!



 Christy Dafter -

Apr 21 2008 by Savannah M.
you can do it!! i believe in you!! i will eat healthy with you.
Apr 21 2008 by YiraBella

Hi Suzanne,

First of all, congratulations for taking the first step to improve your health.  You have some goals and have madea comitment to yourself and to us that you do want to make some changes.  Keep in mind that the only way to make a difference is by making a lifestyle change--increase your activity level and improve your nutrition.

I am a mom to four kids as well so I feel your pain.  Some ideas for you:

-set an appointment with yourself, whenever you can, right after you get up in the AM or just before bed, mid day or mid afternoon, with or without the kids -- this is your time to exercise for 30 minutes.  It's an appointment you can't miss.

-keep a log of everything you eat for a couple of days.  That helps to recognize how much you are eating and the times of day, then you can start to make replacements.  For example, if you drink a soda at 3 pm, be prepared with either a V8 or Crystal light, tea or just water; if you go for a bag of chips try to have 100 calorie packs on hand or protein bars or fruit, etc.

-take time to play with the kids, believe it or not, this is a great way to get active together--put on some music and dance!!

-recognize that short term spurts of diets only work short term so shoot for making small changes that will last a lifetime. 

 Good Luck!


Apr 21 2008 by Larissa

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for joining the Portioin Controllers Team. I'm sure it's hard to find time to exercise being a mother of four and a teacher, so check out the Fitness for Moms community. You will find a lot of helpful advice and supportive mothers. Also, check out this great article from a personal trainer on fitness for moms. Good luck!
Apr 21 2008 by Mary Ann P.
Hi Suzanne,
My name is Mary.  I'm the moderator for the Wellsphere weight loss community.  Thanks for joining us.  I know the fight to lose weight and keep it off is a tough one.
If you're new to Wellsphere take a few minutes to explore the site.  There are tons of great articles on everything from sports to healthy eating to relaxation.  If you're looking for something specific the search feature is great.  For instance you can use it to find healthy barbeque tips, information on accupuncture and spinning classes along with hundreds of other things.
Feel free to post questions, comments and information.  This is truly an interactive community of people who want to live healthier lives.  We all work together to support one another.
I just wanted you to know that we're here to help you attain your goals.  If there is anything I can help with let me know.  And welcome to Wellsphere.
Mary P
Apr 20 2008 by Ron G.

Hi Suzanne,
here is a way to combine 2 of your goals in one (works for me great): eat one seving of blackberries or blueberries per day. a bunch of studies have shown that eating foods high in antioxidants (like blueberreis and blackberries) can decrease the chances of certain cancers and heart disease. And they taste great too!