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KolKata, India
Hi, I am a God loving person. My hobby is to make everyone happy. My motto for healthy life is -EAT THE BEST. LEAVE THE REST. YOU WILL BE HAPPY HEALTHY AND IN SHAPE. For me  everyone in this lovely planet are my friends and relatives as we are all from the house of God. So I think it is... Full Bio
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Creamy Pasta With Roasted Pumpkin Topping

All my friends who read my blog know that I am an avid pasta lover. Today I will share with you all a very delicious creamy pasta with...

Poached Salmon With Lemon

Poached salmon with lemon is a delicious juicy fish dish which you make if you have leisure time or if you need a quick fix you can go with...

Shredded Egg Salad

I was looking for something new and simple for my dinner and then a I came across this simple shredded Egg Salad. It's not only easy...

Ten Minutes Pasta

In a busy day when you need some easy fix, can try this delicious ten minutes pasta recipe. Good for anytime whether it is for breakfast,...

Mango Marmalade

Mango Marmalade is a very delicious yummy spicy condiment. It can add color to your platter whether you use it as bread spread or as a dip...

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