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I'm a mommy, wife, pet owner, website admin, artist, and a Personal Training Student. 
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Jul 22 2010 by Coach Jenn
Look at you on there. Great photo!
May 27 2010 by Barb
Things are going really well thanks. I have signed up to do my first Half Ironman next year and am in the process of training for that. I have also registered for my first Sprint Tri in October. Also trying to raise a family in the mix as well. And you?
May 27 2010 by Barb
Thats funny. I guess we could just continue communicating on the whiteboard.
May 26 2010 by Barb
Hey Sushi: How are you? I think you responded to my email but I cant seem to find it. New to Wellsphere, where should I be looking?
May 14 2010 by Sushicookie

Come list your fitness blog!