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I'm a mommy, wife, pet owner, website admin, artist, and a Personal Training Student. 
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CrossFit Update!

So I didn’t post daily because, well it’s been busy around the house! I know I probably should have don’t the 13th’s workout on my rest day...

How diet soda causes weight gain!

Lately I’ve been nagging people for their diet soda. Soda’s bad, but diet soda is way worse. If you’re gonna have a soda, just drink regular! It...


  I’ve decided that I am just going to jump in the deep end with the CrossFit craze. Well… I’m going to wear floaties while I do it. Yes, I...

Where my inspiration comes from.

My desktop actually has a few fitness models, figure competitors and just plain fit women on it just to remind me what I’m working towards, but...

ACE Exam or not

I don’t feel ready. I skimmed over the review material and the Exam Content Outline. I think I know most of the business part. Ya know,...

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Jul 22 2010 by Coach Jenn
Look at you on there. Great photo!
May 27 2010 by Barb
Things are going really well thanks. I have signed up to do my first Half Ironman next year and am in the process of training for that. I have also registered for my first Sprint Tri in October. Also trying to raise a family in the mix as well. And you?
May 27 2010 by Barb
Thats funny. I guess we could just continue communicating on the whiteboard.

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