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Forest Hills, New York
I am a NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and founder of Catapult Fitness Blog, as featured in Oxygen Magazine's Winter 2009 Fat Loss issue (page 82). I am also a contributing writer for and
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Gear Review: ON Cloudracer

While down in Florida this past summer I noticed someone running in a pair of shoes that well, just looked different than any other running shoe...

Primal Menu 2

Primal Wings with Guacamole Dip My 30-day Primal adventure should be coming to an end next week, and I originally scheduled a...

Steve's Original Paleo Stix

It's been about 2 years since I've been so inspired by a food product I felt that I just HAD to blog about it. That dry spell was broken by...

Primal Menu 1

Farmer's Market Shopping Trip Heading in to my 3rd week of following a Primal Diet I do have some insights to share and, as...

Gear Review: BRD G18 Knee Brace

I typically refer to my left knee as Snap-Crackle and Pop and for a few years I have been using a McDavid hinged knee brace that I purchased at...

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Apr 09 2010 by maria
hi there i have been told i have vestibular disorder and it is ruling my life having so much time off work can u help as the docs dont help maria
Oct 21 2008 by Doug Groce
It's definitely true that surrounding yourself with people are already where you want to be fitness-wise will help accelerate your progress!

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