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Susan R.

Washington, District of Columbia
My passions are three-fold: (1) be in good health, (2) contribute to making the world a better place, and (3) travel to the far ends of the earth. I work for an international development institution and my job (and a diplomatic passport) take me to places like Tajikistan, Dubai, Sarajevo and Samarkand. But walking in the steps of Genghis Khan and Tamarlane can takes it toll: I rely on exercise and stretching--and great advice from wellsphere--to give me the energy to keep me going.
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It was a long day at almost 12 hours but I still managed to get to the gym and stretch for 30 minutes before the doors closed.


Did 45 minutes of stretching on Monday April 7.

Are there any good memory self-tests on the web?

An article in The New York Times on December 26 suggests that patients with Alzheimer's disease generally have poor memories from childhood. It...
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Dec 27 2007 by Susan R.

Any suggestions on the best way to use a stability ball? I currently use the ball to do back-strengthening exercises but thought that the ball might also be good for strengthening the transverse abs.


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