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I have Vit B6 toxicity. My levels are normal now but I continue to suffer with terrible symptoms.Why?

Four years ago, I developed a tingling sensation across the top of my nose. A few days later, my teeth felt sensitive, but there was no pain....

Vit B6 toxcitity

I went to the Mayo clinic 2 months ago for unexplained nerve pain and numbness in all of my teeth as well as for burning mouth. I also have been...

Causes for numbness in all of my teeth, razor sharp pain in nerves of my teeth and burning mouth

3 years ago, I began to experience sensitivity in the top and bottom 4 teeth. Three months later, I developed razor sharp pain in almost all of my...
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Feb 08 2010 by susan m.

Recently I was diagnosed with Vit b6 toxcitity. My levels were 139. My question to any doctor or someone who has this conditon is: could this be the cause of all of my teeth numbness, teeth pain, burning mouth as well as tingling and numbness in my hands and feet? I have had all the necessary tests and have been seen by numerous drs. It took at trip to the Mayo Clinic before they could tell me that my B6 levels were too high. So, is this the cause of my severe oral facial and teeth pain?

Jan 22 2010 by jules
I read you experience and can match a lot of it - yes I also took ambien a long time and as wondering about it myself (how I found your post)

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