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All Good Things Must Come to an End

Why do I have two blogs?  Because I have so much free time on my hands?  That must be why I blog all day every day.  Um...wait...I don't....  I...

A Birthday Present to Share - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Normally the Peanut asks for silly things for her birthday.  This year was the first time she requested an expensive present.  She's been using...

And the Winner Is....

Sorry for the late response.  The Peanut's birthday party is today and I was up late night hanging streamers and balloons all over the house.  And...

Win 2 Free Tickets to Liberty Science Center!

 We went to check out the new Curious George exhibit at Liberty Science Center. It was very crowded and a little overwhelming for the Peanut,...

DIY Wood Carved Valentine's Day Vase

My super crafty husband made me this for Valentine's Day. He found a small log/large branch. Carved our initials in it along with the...
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Nov 29 2008 by Paula G.
Areyou the one who has a child receiving speech therapy?  I hadn't been on Wellsphere for a little while and just read your message.  What was the diagnosis?  And I'm glad to hear that therapy was making a difference so quickly.


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