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Surfing Tips - Gear

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Shortboard. A shortboard is a narrow, short board that is less stable than a longboard, but easier to maneuver for more advanced surfers.
Strong zipper. When buying a wetsuit, make sure it has a sturdy, metal zipper, not a cheap, plastic one.
Surf wax. Surf wax goes on the deck of your board to make sure you don't slip off. Create small bumps of wax, not a smooth coat, to maximize grip.
The right wax. It doesn't really matter which brand you get, but they make waxes for different temperature water. Make sure to get the right one.
Try different wetsuits. When buying a wetsuit, try on different sizes, styles and manufacturers to find one that fits you well. They're all cut differently.
Wear your booties. If you're surfing in cold water, or somewhere with a rocky bottom, you may want to wear booties to keep your feet warm and protected.
Wear your hoodie. If it's cold outside, you may want to wear a neoporene hoodie to keep your head warm.
Wetsuit needed. If the water is 63 degrees (F) or lower, you should wear a full wetsuit.
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