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Surf Stronger Fitness and Performance Camp

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
Remember camp? You went away for a little while, made new friends, hung out in a different part of the world, pretended to listen while the camp counselors made their little speeches, and totally exhausted yourself with all kinds of games, late night antics, and maybe even developed a crush on a fellow camper.

Those were the days, right? Too bad camp seems relegated for junior-highers only.....


The Surf Stronger Fitness and Performance Camp is an innovative fun-filled weekend where kids of drinking age can come together, make new friends, exhaust themselves, listen to camp counselors (although now they are called coaches) give speeches, and possibly develop a crush on a fellow camper (or even a coach).

There were bonfires, BBQs, plenty of alcoholic beverages, and enough Guayaki Yerba Mate to fuel a solid 48 hours of surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, yoga, TRXing, soft sand runs, buoy swims, video analyzing, and general good time having.

More seriously, the Surf Stronger Fitness and Performance camp is a way for surfers to get a chance to spend a weekend working on improving both their fitness and surfing ability.

I've said it before, and i'll say it again.... I "heart" camp.

Surf Stronger coach Scott Adams psyching to start up the weekend.

The group getting to know eachother on day one.
Surf Stronger co-founder Todd Walsh with super bro Jason Leggitt.
Camp began with a light yoga workout.
Coaches Scott Adams and Holly Beck, talking strategy and goals for the weekend.
Jason Anderson and Jim Hernandez BBQd up some amazing organic pizzas. So good!

Team NY, getting to know eachother.
Bonfire surf stories

Coach HB, loosening up.
Scott led the crew in a pre-surf dynamic warmup.

As the crew hit the water, Scott manned the video camera to film the session.
Indy is a ski racer from Colorado who was excited to come out to California for a little cross training and to work on his surfing skills.
Indy, getting a few tips from coach.
Nick lives at Ocean Beach, San Francisco and wanted to work on his wave selection. Here he is selecting a nice one.
Brendan, working on his cross-step.
Crawford Pierce is Indy's ski coach, who was stoked on the opportunity to be coached by the Surf Stronger team.
Holly, demonstrating the art of walking the nose.
Crawford and TW getting ready to do some stand-up paddleboarding.
Coach TW explains how to hold the paddle.
HB leading Nick into the shorebeak.

Coach Holly, demonstrating for the ladies.

Tom, loving it!
After a four hour surf session, a light lunch, the stand-up paddle board lesson, it was time for a killer 90 minute workout incorporating the TRX.
And finally, a little relaxation!

Team Colorado, stoked!
The coaching staff, all smiles.
Sunday morning pre-surf warmup.
Tom and Samara, sharing a moment.
Coach Scott took a break from the video camera to catch a few waves.

Samara would be napping right now if not for the delicious energy boost from Guayaki Yerba Mate.
Coach HB, surf satisfied.
Holly and Kristen, going over the results of the weekend and goals for next time.

Didn't make it for this camp? Don't worry, there will be more!
Check out the Surf Stronger website for updates or become a fan on facebook by clicking here: Surf Stronger fan page!
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