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I need to get back into the water

Posted Jan 20 2008 11:47pm 2 Comments
I haven't been surfing since October. Yes, it is the winter but that's still not quite a good excuse in California. Don't get me wrong, the water is very cold now and it is in the 40s and 50s in the mornings, but that's why we have gear. I just find myself having a hard time fitting it in with everything else I'm doing, and I have had to focus on yoga for health reasons. It also takes twice as long to get ready with the gloves and booties and all that stuff. But I will definitely get back in the water in the springtime.
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Have you been surfing lately? If you ever want company to surf with I have a group of gals here in Malibu that surf about 5 mornings a week, you're always welcome to go out with us!


I would be interested, Shannon. What time do you go? Unfortunately, I am not much of a morning person, which is a terrible thing if you want to catch the better waves. Dawn patrol is something that I just don't seem to have in me. I'm more of a 9 am type of surfer. :-)
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