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Drink Water 10 to 12 Glass per Day

Posted Feb 07 2013 3:50am 1 Comment

Water is life because our corpse is made 75% of it. As compare to thin and fat, thin men have supplementary water in the body because they have more potential to hold water in their tissues.

So what about the wave surfer who is always engaged in surf training and even at ocean surfing a lot of sweating comes out so for that is it better to drink good amount of water so here are some helpful ideas that guide you to why water is necessary.

1.       Do not drink water after eating fruits because the present acids in stomach fight with the fruit acid. But if we drink water the acid concentration will decrease due to chemical reaction so fruit will take time to digest.

2.       It is better that surfer must dry body after surfing because that water creates more bacteria to body instead of removing them.

3.       Don't take tea on water because tea is tea and water is water so if you are thirsty drink mineral water instead of tea.

4.       It is better to drink water before the food because it decreases 75 to 90 calories. If this to be continued for three months one will lose weight around 2.50kg.

5.       People think! In winters not to drink too much water. But drinking more water in the winter season conserve this water for future recovery.

6.       Researches proves that a person who continues to drink 10 - 12 glasses of water daily will be 10 years younger as compared to the same age person. It glows your face and skin.

7.       It is one of the best natural medicines to remain beautiful and handsome. Water provides natural protection for the cadaver part and it also removes wrinkles from your face.

Surf training

So no need to go to doctor every time because water is one of the important divine of nature as it solves problems such as anxiety, headache, tiredness and many more day to day problems. So keep drinking water to remain healthy and younger throughout life.

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i had taken trainin from  .. ultimate and recently Garrett McNamara conquered 100foot wave at deadliest ocean or pourtagal.
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