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cleveland, Tennessee
I was diagnosed with Chiari when I was 13. Mine is 10 mm. My first symptoms was pain in my neck. It just got worse and worse, where I was vomiting and shaking every day because I was in pain. I had my decompression surgery Sept 4, 2008. The first 3 months after I felt good. After that the pain came back but nowhere like it was before.  I get pain at my neck and head. I feel lots of pressure. I also have sharp pains. I take Sumatriptan when I feel that. I also have these extremely... Full Bio
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Already had surgery. Still in pain. What next? by sugipar2006 Facebook 1 Comment Posted in: Questions & Answers in Chiari Malformation I had my surgery sept 4 of 2008. Right now I am having migraines a lot with a sharp pain at my neck on the same side the migraine is on. I am also having aching everyday acros ... Read on »