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I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) since March 2002. Both of my sons, ages 10 and 14, have... Full Bio
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Movie Monday: The Cake Eaters I am on yet another Monday, apologizing for not posting much last week. Believe it or not, I am still struggling to come out of this...

TV Tuesday - Mr. Robot

Last week, I introduced a new feature, TV Tuesday! While I have been so severely crashed this past month, I have watched a LOT of TV, so I thought...

Movie Monday 9/28: The Words

Here I am again on Monday, apologizing for not writing on the blog much last week! I thought last week would be better, finally, and I did improve...

TV Tuesday 9/22 - The Wire

Because of my illness, I watch quite a bit of television. I am usually wiped out and needing to lie down by evening, so my husband and I watch two...

Movie Monday 9/21 - Coherence

I was still very, very sick last week (perhaps finally starting to perk up a bit today? maybe?), so I watched a LOT of TV and read a lot. I really...

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Nov 24 2010 by hemanta

Dear madam

I am suffering from chronic pancreatities.

i am 24 and not alcoholic. can i completely cured from this deadly disease???? 

Nov 10 2009 by Sophie Meredith

I know! We are so lucky to have it!

 Take care



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