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Holy Basil, Batman!

What's Holy Basil?  Also known as Tulsi, it is one of the most potent antioxidant herbs you can eat.  Or drink... it makes an amazing tea....

PLU Stickers Tell the Tale

Before you rip off that little sticker on your fruits and veggies, you can use this infographic to help you decipher the...

Whey or Soy, and Why?

I've tried numerous meal replacement shakes over the years. I like a few, don't like most. It doesn't seem to matter how much sweetener or...

Can You Eat 90 Pounds of Raspberries?

What's all the fuss, can raspberries really burn fat?  If so, why not just eat a bowl of berries?  Let's find out... ...

GMOs Can't Hide in California

There is growing concern among people who eat that our food is not what it seems to be.  And without strict labeling laws we really don't know...

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