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Going Down

The dreaded Friday Scale Bounce struck again, but this time the scales were sufficiently down that the FSB didn't completely negate it An Actual...

Fingers Crossed

Well, if I do say so myself, I've been pretty damn good this week. I've moved plenty (walking, hurling myself around It's A Knockout and putting...

Grit Your Teeth

Well. It's Tuesday and I haven't yet posted about Friday's weigh in. Uh oh. Traditionally, delays in posting, or just altogether silence, mean...

An Ass Kicking

That is what I have duly administered to myself this week. After the weekend of over-indulgence (albeit offset by moving a flat), the malaise...

Weigh In Woes

How does the weekend come and go so quickly? Friday's weigh in was ... frustrating. Yet again. However, it was a loss, just the piddliest...

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