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Jan 22 2009 by SuboxDoc

Hi-- thanks for the vote!  I have had a few patients go through surgery and I am always surprised by how long the Suboxone sticks around.  I think the best length of time off Suboxone is about three days;  That alllows for most of it to be out of the body, but the worst withdrawal takes about three days to hit-- so it is a bit of a compromise.  Remember, though, that even if you could get all of the buprenorphine out of your body, your tolerance is going to be pretty high.  I usually give oxycodone, 15 mg tablets, one to two every 4 hours for pain, to treat the post-op pain.  I did get a note from an anesthesiologist once who claimed that using the potent, lipid-soluble medications will 'cut through' the block from buprenorphine;  with that in mind I recommend using fentanyl PCA (patient controlled analgesia) for inpatients, and for outpatients I recommend hydromorphone or dilaudid pills.

 Good luck with the surgery!


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