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Perpetual Student, Recovering Psychiatrist After college I completed a PhD in Neuroscience... Full Bio
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Birthday: February 25
Height: 6’ 0”
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Perpetual Student, Recovering Psychiatrist

After college I completed a PhD in Neuroscience from the Center for Brain Research at the University of Rochester.  I found myself getting tired of working with rats all day, and so I attended medical school, then completed a residency in Anesthesia at the University of Pennsylvania.

I was an anesthesiologist and pain doc for about 8 years, and Chief of the anesthesia department at the local hospital of my Wisconsin town for most of that time.  I made the mistake of prescribing myself codeine cough medicine, and after a series of worse decisions became addicted to the 'tools of the trade' of anesthesiology.  If you google 'men's health' and 'the junkie in the OR' you will find my story.

I eventually realized that it would be folly to return to anesthesiology, even though I loved the profession.  I completed another residency, this time in Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

I am now a Board Certified Psychiatrist in independent, solo practice in Wisconsin.  I teach at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where I am Asst Clinical Professor of Psychiatry.  I recently left a position as psychiatrist for the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections, after some incredible experiences at the state's only maximum security women's prison, TCI.  For three years I was the medical director of a large AODA residential treatment center.  I do a significant amount of consulting for legal cases related to opiate dependence. I also have a weekly radio show where I discuss psychiatry and addiction.

I am certified to treat opiate dependence with Suboxone, and I also use that medication and others to treat chronic pain, combining my past experience in anesthesiology and pain medicine with psychiatry.  I am an associate with Medworm, an up-and-coming RSS directory for medical information.  I am also a Health Maven for Wellsphere.

I produce educational materials related to buprenorphine and opioid dependence, which can be found .  Of course, the bulk of my time is spent working as a psychiatrist for adults and children, .

I live in Wisconsin with my family, including one wife, three children, , and one cat.  Eventually I'd like to relocate to someplace a bit warmer... but I've been saying that for years and it will probably never happen!

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