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This is one way to fire up all of the brain’s pleasure centers! For best results, watch in ‘full screen’ mode, wearing headphones....

Questions, Excuses, Krokodil

I’ve been in more of a chatty mood lately, as regular readers have likely noticed.  I find it interesting that weeks will pass when I have...

Avoiding Precipitated Withdrawal

I received the following question earlier today: Hello Dr. Junig, I am opiate dependent or rather an opiate addict. I want to seek...

Suboxone Withdrawal in Newborns

One of the top search terms for Suboxone relates to pregnancy, and fear that the baby will experience withdrawal; official name ‘neonatal...

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Mar 08 2012 by MOMMADUKE
Hi I am a mom of a 22 yr old son..who has just admitted to drug abuse.He was using Roxicoden for the past 7 months to be exact he was taking 9, 30ml pills per day..and now he is on Suboxone strips trying to wean off of them..hes off the roxis..thank god..but what kind of road is   ahead for me he is under doctors care now to gett off of the hard is this going to be for him..Is the withdrawal hell?  please help
Dec 04 2010 by Solange

A good friend of mine is alcholic- current consumption 70cl gin or vodka a day. He  is 51

and has been unable to work for a year. He has had a diagnosis of MS around five years ago,

and has some numbness in his hand. Last year

he briefly had a manic phase and was diagnosed as having bi-polar.  He wants to get

back to work. Would he be a candidate for

backlofen ?

Oct 22 2010 by davidio

Hello SuboxDoc,

Were you able to find that source of Proglumide in Pakistan? I need it for treatment of panic related bile reflux and the only available options for me are the benzos and Proglumide could replace them without the bad side effect of benzos. Please let me know. Many thanks.

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