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subbunaicker n.

Baroda, Indiana
I am S.s.Subbu, 50 Years old, living with wife ( She is a Teacher) and a Daughter (9 Years old) Interested in Environment and living Simple, Healthy and Eco friendly. I praying, all the people in this world will live Healthy and Happly
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Mar 03 2008 by subbunaicker n.

Hello Wellsphere Friends

Now I added my Photos- 50 Years old-5.5 ft-73 kg Weight.

Married, living with Wife ( She is a Teacher) and Daughter S.RIYA SUBBU.

Living Healthy, Happly and praying all of this world Live Peacfully & Happly



Mar 03 2008 by Kristen D.
Welcome to the Recreation community! I'm the moderator for the community, and I'm so glad you've joined us! Please feel welcome to share your knowledge and experience with the group, and don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek advice from other members.

What are your favorite recreational activities? Have you considered joining any of the other communities within the recreation category here on Wellsphere? There are some great activities to explore!
Mar 03 2008 by Larissa

Hi, welcome to the Wellsphere community!  I’m Larisa, the Community Relations Manager and here to offer you support or answer any questions you may have.  How are things going so far?



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