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Stuart S.

Hayward, California
I worked at SRI International (Stanford Research) in Menlo Park, CA for 16 years. I'm a 4.0 singles / 4.5 doubles tennis player. I need to get my mind, body, and soul in tournament tough shape to participate in USTA, Palo Alto, and Mountain View Tennis Club tournaments. My goal is to lose 15 lbs. of adipose tissue by July 1, 2008. I want to make the young bucks sweat and wish they were my age! -Amen.
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May 23 2008 by Mary G.
Stewie, Your plan is good.  Someone I met on the train suggested eating raw almonds for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch and have a 600 calorie dinner.  Hmmmm, I don't think I can manage that.  Go for it.  See you on the courts July 1. Mary
May 14 2008 by Mary G.
Stu, You are teaching me the ways of the bewell community.  Wow, you are doing so well with the goal of losing 15 lbs.  Keep it up young buck! Mary
May 07 2008 by Chef Jeff R.

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for joining the No Donut Zone Team! It's not easy, but just saying "NO" to that glazed sugary sweetness pays off. (be careful which skinny person you might pass it off might be me!)