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Stress Management Tips

Manage it

Breathe deeply

Try focusing on your breathing for several minutes. Take slow, deep inhalations through your nose, and exhale slowly through your mouth.


Enjoy a 1 oz piece of dark chocolate (at least 50% cocoa) Not only does it feel good, its good for you!

Control your breathing

By focusing on and gaining control of your breathing, you take control of your body's reactions to stress.

Do something helpful for someone else

It will make you feel better.


Some say there is no better way to help yourself manage stress than to do regular, vigorous workouts.

Get a pedicure

Go ahead, it will help you to feel better.

Get a professional massage

Its an investment in yourself.

Give yourself a forehead massage

Lightly rub your forehead and temples, pressing more firmly in areas where it feels good.

Kick back

Take an evening to relax, kick back, and don't do anything productive.


This is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Let yourself go, have a good belly laugh. Watch funny movies and read funny stories.

Learn a relaxation technique

Any of several techniques can help: Yoga, Tai chi, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation.

Listen to music

Get comfortable, relax, and listen to your favorite soothing music. Or, go for something more raucous, hard core, rock and roll.

Listen to yourself

Notice if you sound aggressive or hostile. Get assertiveness training to learn how to express your needs without sounding hostile.

Make a commitment

Commit yourself to managing and reducing the stress in your life. Follow these tips, and look for your stress levels to fall.

Make time for fun

No matter how busy or stressed, if you make time for fun and relaxation, you will be better able to cope.

Make your frustrations into comedies

EG, when waiting in a long line, imagine you are in a scene from a sitcom: We're stuck let's call in the SWAT team.

Play with your pet

If you have pets such as cats or dogs, spend time playing with them and making them happy.

Read a book

Find self-help books to give you more insight and guidance in stress management.

Relax with a book

Get comfortable at home, in relaxing clothes, and curl up with a good book.

Share a massage with your partner

Create a relaxing atmosphere (soft lights, music) and use lavender oil. Be careful, though, its addictive.

Smell the roses

Take time to stop, smell the roses, and be thankful for the joy of it.

Spend time in nature

The calming effect of a gentle walk -- or a vigorous hike - in a forest or park is remarkable.


Take a few minutes in a quiet place to do some simple stretches. Shake out your arms and legs when you are done.

Take a break

Is the stress too much to handle? Take a break, with a long weekend or a week away from work or whatever your stress is. Do something fun.

Take a bath

A soothing, relaxing warm bath - with or without bubble soap, candles, incense, and music - can melt your tensions away.

Take a boat ride

Being on the water is soothing, whether it is a sailboat, canoe, kayak, windsurfer, or paddleboat.

Take a nap

Sometimes a mid afternoon nap of 25-40 minutes can rejuvenate and put you in a more peaceful state of mind.

Take a vacation

The best cure for built up stress can be to unwind on a vacation. Escape from the reality of your stressors to discover the new, calmer you.

Take a yoga class

It is a great stress reducer.

Tea and cookies

Relax in a comfortable chair with a soothing cup of herbal or decaffeinated tea and a cookie or biscuit.

Watch your favorite comedy

Whether it is on cable or DVD, you can relax at home, while enjoying your favorite snack (but keep it healthy) Laugh out loud!

Work in the garden

Many find the outdoor exposure and consistent, meditative nature of gardening helps relieve their stress.