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Stress Management Tips

Getting started

Avoid stimulants

If you are stressed, you should avoid all caffeine and alcohol. Nicotine is bad too, but quitting smoking is hard when under extreme stress.

Avoid unhealthy stress-coping mechanisms

Avoid alcohol and drugs, anxiety pills, overeating, oversleeping, procrastinating, withdrawing from friends.

Don't be too busy

It is a poor coping mechanism to fill every minute of the day with activities to avoid facing the source of your stress.

Get a good night's sleep

Sometimes, a single night of 8-10 hours of sleep can relax and rejuvenate, and help you conquer that stress.

Keep a gratefulness journal

Once a week, write down what you are grateful for, and to whom you are grateful. Read to them out loud what you have written.

Keep a joy journal

Write down the names and reasons that others made a difference in your life.

Keep a joy journal

Write down the story of a time you laughed so hard you fell over (or couldn't sit, or breathe).

Keep a joy journal

Tell the story of the last time you felt so much love in your heart you thought it might burst.

Keep a joy journal

Describe all the activities that gave you joy as a child, and think of ways you might do them again.

Keep a joy journal

Write about the people you share laughs with. Describe what it is about spending time with them that you enjoy.

Listen to your ideas for helping others

Turn thoughts into action: Make a donation, volunteer, write a letter, join an organization, enlist your friends.

See your doctor

If you can't work, are intolerant of heat, lost weight, have a swelling in your throat, or bulging eyes, you could have a thyroid problem.

Write it out

When you feel stressed about something, sit down and write it out. Organizing your thoughts may lead to a solution - and you will feel better.