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Stress Management Tips

Alter the source

Avoid the TV

When home in the evenings, don't spend the whole evening in front of the TV. Take up an old hobby, or start a new one.

Be realistic in your expectations of others

Everyone doesn't behave just like you. Confront your conflict, state your needs, and work to a compromise.

Change it or accept it

You can either change the source of stress (avoid or alter the stressor) or change your reaction to it (accept or adapt).

Don' t try to change others

It causes stress and withdrawal, and damages relationships. Instead, ask what you can change about yourself to make things better.

Examine your expectations of yourself

Be honest with what you can do, learn to say no to unrealistic demands, and don't try to be what you are not.

Express yourself

Don't hold your feelings and thoughts within you, express them to those around you, to friends, and to others on the Internet.

Get enough sleep

Don't let your upset keep you up late. You need a good night's sleep to cope with the next day.

Get rid of the negative

Limit or eliminate your contact with those around you who are consistently negative.

Maintain good posture

Sitting or standing all day can give you pain in your back and neck if you don't have good posture.

Manage your time

If you plan ahead, you will be able to anticipate problems before they arise, which lets you stay calm and focused on being productive.

Resign yourself

If you cannot change it, then accept it. Look for ways to see the good in the situation, and work around it. Seek counseling if you need it.

Schedule time for the unexpected

If you have time in your schedule allocated, the unexpected will be less stressful.

Switch tasks

If the current task is stressing you out, switch tasks. It will give you a better perspective when you return to the original task.

Take a walk before bedtime

A gentle evening stroll around the block can help you unwind and get ready for bed.

Turn off the TV

Take a week and watch no television. The U.S. and world events on TV can bombard you with negativity. Let it go for a week.