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Young People at Risk for Hand Cancer Holding Cell Phones All the Time

Posted Nov 26 2012 1:00am

I suppose that’s a question as much as a statement, ”Young People at Risk for Hand Cancer Holding Cell Phones All the Time?”

There are too many parties diluting and downplaying the real science and research on the safety of cell phones on our brains, bodies and now hands.

Remember how safe, good and smooth cigarettes once were advertised?  Hmmm. Time and a lot of leaning on the government and companies that make more money on them were finally brought to light (no pun intended.) People still smoke, but now they have a choice.

So, now cell phones and cancer – why not be safe now instead of sorry and blaming “them” later?


Looking for a great gift for your favorite high school or college grad? Pick up a hands-free headset for their cell phone.

In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that radiation from cell phones may cause cancer.


WHO said radio frequency electromagnetic fields (when cell phones are in use) had the potential to cause cancer in humans. Several studies showed an increased risk for a type of brain tumor called a glioma. The news was based upon extensive reviews of numerous studies by 31 scientists from 14 countries.


Children are most susceptible to cancers as their brain barriers and skulls are not fully developed. This is also true for their hands, plus, how much (24/7) they hold onto – and sleep with – their cell phones.

Help them learn prevention now.

P.S. And, like watching parents smoke, drink, etc., children learn by watching adults. What are you teaching them about safe cell phone use?


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