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You Can Battle Stress by Watching TV (Spiritual Films that is!)

Posted Dec 10 2009 2:30pm
Spiritual Cinema Circle- Free Sample

Spiritual Cinema Circle- Free Sample

For the past couple of weeks,  I have been home battling the flu. I'm sure a lot of us are getting the flu now that the holidays are here, we have more stresses, and the weather changes all the time.

While at home, I decided to take a break from sleeping and watch The Shift. The Shift was the spiritual film of the month from Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Watching The Shift was exactly what I needed to recharge my physical and spiritual batteries. This spiritual film, like the others I have watched from Spiritual Cinema Circle did not cease to amaze me.

The Shift was written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, the writer of many phenomenal books of psychology. In The Shift, Dr. Dyer speaks about spirituality and the ego and the way that the ego hurts us in our daily lives. He explains how the e-g-o (edging God out) is created in us since we are children and how we come to believe it through the rest of our lives. Yet, it no longer serves us.

Dr. Dyer calls it the afternoon of our lives when we finally wake up and realize the importance of God in our lives and the nourishment of our spirit.

The Shift is an absolutely beautiful movie that was phenomenally done. The picture is gorgeous, the setting is lovely, and the messages given in the film are incredibly easily portrayed. I am really happy I watched it this week and am eager to watch the spiritual film for next month! Next months’ spiritual cinema circle film is titled Ocean of Pearls. Ocean of Pearls portrays the importance of retaining your values and beliefs even when living in a setting or culture that doesn’t accept or embrace them.


You can take a peek at the trailer for Ocean of Pearls by clicking on the video player on the right hand side of the screen or by clicking here.  While you are at it, you can go ahead and sign up for a free sample. I hope you enjoy it.  I know I have!

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