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You are a M.E.S.S.!

Posted Mar 27 2013 8:00am

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Do you ever feel like you and your life are… a mess? Well, I love turning any negative perception around. I want to tell you right now that… you’re right! You ARE a mess!

But, let’s turn the negative concept of feeling like a mess into a positive one. I love acronyms too!…M.E.S.S.”

You are a 
    M Manifested
    E Energies’
    S Sacred
    S Signature

That’s right! You are a one and only, unique “manifestation” of the “All of Eternity’s” force of “energy” as a one-of-a-kind “sacred” (whole and holy) “signature.” There is only one of you in all of eternity!



Go look in the mirror right now and every time you look into a miracle and see and acknowledge your manifested, physical self as a M.E.S.S.! A MIRACLE M.E.S.S.!!!

Any thought or belief about yourself less than a M.E.S.S. is incorrect. It was written incorrectly on your clean slate when you came into the world.

Becoming conscious, “remembering you” means to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to CHANGE these beliefs and ideas about yourself. Change the feelings of low, negative vibrations to higher, joyful, happy, loving and peaceful feelings and so, vibrations… which will MIRACULOUSLY bring back more of the same! YEA!!!


book cover - louise hay 101 power thoughts   Louise Hay always has great ways to remind us that we are miracles!

  101 Power Thoughts is one of them.

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