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wont mind giving me tips on how to get rid of stress? I feel stressed all the time...i think of alot things and it made me sick!

Posted by Bhem..Mother of TONET WITH pda

since i gave birth to my little angel tonet, my health seem to go BP was high, i gain as much as 20 kls after that...and every time my baby is sick,im always in a panic..I cant help afraid,Im worried and everything!and my friends told me as well as my office mates i look very stressed!..I feel so tired every time.
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Hi Bhem,

I need more information. Since your child birth your "health seem to go bad." I need to understand what overwhelmed you at child birth so that I can help.




well having any first child is already a job in its own even if you were around other kids this one is yours and if your child is in any way different that alot more stress i have a typical and a down syndrome child life on a good day is alot of work i myself are sick all the time but they are my own health issues i just make sure that i make an hour of time for me everyday i listen to soft music and watch tv basically whatever i want that calms me yes i have things waiting to be done but it helps give me something to look forward to after having my second child who is always sick or hurt i learned to believe that everything happens for a reason if there are any health concerns that are more specific i might be able to offer some assistance i am a single mother of 2 boys a full time college student on a limited income i know stress very well i keep the hope that one day life will be easier and in the mean time i try to stay in the moment prioritizing your stressors will help

hi cecil,

my child had sepsis way back she was born.that made me so so stressed!..I cant sleep, I am always worried about things...since that time on, it seems like im stress al the time...

hi cecil,

Im recently a mother to my 4 month old daughter summer. Yes parenthood is very stressful, but some people cant handle it as well as others. I myself am constantly stressed worrying over the littlest things. This is general classified as anxiety disorder. Being tired all the time could be one or two things. it could be that your body is still getting used to becoming a mother and all the demands that come with it. or it could be post-partum depression. Depression in many cases is linked with tiredness. However. so are other things such as Anaemia. When i was pregnant i was Anaemic (my iron was too low) . what i suggest you do is try to relax as much as possible, eat healthy (your body will thank you for it) including lots of things with iron (veggies- dark green and leafy) chick peas, etc. are all good for you. hope this helps

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