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Why Acupressure Hurts So Good

Posted by Tracii H.

Acupressure, usually performed using the thumb and fingers, can have some amazing effects on health and wellbeing, but the truth is, it can be pretty painful. Areas needing special attention can sometimes be mildly to moderately painful when pressure is applied and it may be that they require extra pressure to relieve the problem. While acupressure may be somewhat painful at times, it should never cause extreme or lasting pain and, when done correctly, should cause a deep feeling of calmness and release as blocked energy is dispelled.
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Good day,

I went to a chiropractor that applied pressure to the middle of the bottom of my left foot.  It hurt very badly when he did it, it even made me sweat.  It's been two years since, and that spot on my foot is still tender and it now hurts with any pressure on that spot.  What did he do to my foot, and why did he do it? 

Any info would be appreciated.  Please respond to my email.  Thank you very much.  Regards,  Marie

Good day, my advice is fou you to go to the same chiropractor and ask a second opinion. From my personal point of view that pain is related to some spine ou stomach problem.
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