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What kind of music do you like to listen to in the mornings?

Posted by S J.

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To get me going..... at the gym on the days I decide on a morning workout, it's usually Justin Timberlake. His latest album is perfect to get me in the mood to move. I've noticed though, that on certain gym equipment, like the stationary bikes, watching podcasts, or even the televisions above like many gyms have, is a good way to pass the time. You get a great workout without the constant focus on "when is this going to be over?," as I sometimes go through, because your attention is on something else. Just make sure your still pushing yourself in the exercise!
house or rock. i like to listen to house cause it gets me moving.....and to rock ...for the same reason;) depending on the mood
Totally mood-dependent. I usually work-out in the mornings, so my music is usually work-out related, but at times my workouts are more contemplative (natalie merchant is great for that) and sometimes more high energy, when I love cheesy 80s music, or even some hip hop. I like putting my ipod on shuffle, and just seeing what pops up. Also, the song: "It's a beautiful morning" is a good one for mornings.
Show Tunes. There is something about a Broadway show tune that just gets me going in an upbeat way. Cole Porter has written some great songs. Andrew Lloyd Webber is just as good if not better. I just love the emotions and concepts that come across in show tunes like Gyspy has some fantastic songs as well.
celtic drums. You know the music playing in places like Target on the display of all the carribean and celtic music. The ones withthe cd's that have waves and green fields on the cover? I find that listening to those types of cd's are great in the morning. It has the drums that are more upbeat mixed with the subtlties of the soft music in the background that varies from harp to violin. However, I really like Armstrong and Getti in the morning because those guys are hilarious and we all need to laugh I right?
It Depends. I love Narada for those days when it's hectic and we need some calming down. Katrina and the Waves, Huey Lewis, or Blondie when we need to pump up the energy level a little.
Lots of different stuff!. I walk to the bus stop with my iPod every morning, so I make sure it's loaded with a lot of different stuff (mellow, high energy, etc.) depending on my mood and the weather. My current favorite is an album of Bebel Gilberto remixes. It lets me fantasize I'm on vacation in Brazil. :)
Is NPR Music?. That little tune they play is kind of catchy.... I have to admit to being a complete public radio nerd. Generally, I don't need to pump myself up in the mornings, that's afternoon work! When I need to get going I like dance music - anything I could have done step aerobics to ten years ago!
I listen to anything that I am into at that moment. While normally I do a yoga class in the mornings, sometimes I do my own yoga to music. It can be anything from a soft folk song to some thumping trance...whatever I am in the mood for.
Binaural Beats to make me more active, last 15 min, the time I have to go biking to work.
I usually listen to classical KDFC on my way to work in the morning. It helps me wake up and organize my thoughts, Mozert works the best
Jazz definetly--not only does it wake me up, it puts me in a great mood and I am set for the rest of the day.
Reggae is the call in the morning. Great way to kick off the day in a positive way.
I found a website that has great songs. It is called Success Songs. They are uplifting, motivational and make me feel empowered to take on the day. Some of the songs are so catchy that they get trapped in my brain (argh!) and I sing them in my head throughout the day. Actually, it is a great way to start the day.

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