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What is your favorite way to fight stress

Posted by Shez B.

Looking for ways to fight stress is essential as human beings in the modern world. My favorite way to fight stress is to listen to music, do yoga, and through natural therapies. What is yours?
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I usually exercise, stretch, or knit. Sometimes I'll do some scrapbooking, making collages of quotes that feel soothing.

I generally try to create a meditative, quiet environment where I can just tune out the troubles of the world and retreat inward for a while. I feel that if I get this quiet time at least once a day, it really helps me recharge and readies me up for any of the stresses that I might be facing in my life.

A massage helps, too. :)

Tickle my kids and make them laugh. Exercise as well. i do Yoga, Swim 2-3 miles per week, and run.
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