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what is the best way to relief from stress?

Posted by MALIK

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Hello Malik,

Breathing exercises and meditation are great for reducing stress.  Recent research indicates that meditation and breathing exercise lowers our Cortisol (our stress Hormone) and also prevents aging by preserving the delicate telemerase (an enzyme that protects our DNA).  Additionally,they both lower our blood pressure too!

Try this below.  So easy, and so worth it!

Just lie down or sit in a chair:

       (at least 5 minutes)

       Feet flat on floor, back straight, hands resting in lap, Close eyes

       Breathe in through nose deep into abdominal area for count of 8.  As you breath in imagine white light penetrating all cells of your body.

       Breathe out through mouth for count of 8 pulling stomach muscles to front of spine. As you exhale imagine a darker color being released.

       Try for 5 minutes – Morning, Noon and night.


If you would like more information, please contact me at


be well,







Breathing is indeed the right way to reduce stress. However, will all detailed instructions on how to breath just up to 5% people do it right, and therefore it becomes useless. I found a tool that controls the accuracy of breathing and trains how to withstand stress in our normal daily. It is called Stress Sweeper. Lots of my patients along with stress reduced blood pressure after using it in 2-4 weeks. In addition, the Stress Monitor can be useful in order rto find out the moments when you become more stressed and event prevent getting stressed.

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