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what is the best form of stress relief?

Posted by cindy g.

what are the best ways to reduce stress
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It depends on what you like to do, but stress relief can take many forms.

- Go for a short walk or garden (exercise increases your endorphins)

- Listen to music or meditation CD's

- Paint, draw, cook or bake - be creative to relieve some stress

- Laughter is sometimes the best cure - go to a comedy club

Find what you enjoy and that's what will work for you.

For me, the two things that seem to work best are exercise and yoga. When I'm feeling stressed, if I can get myself to the gym or out on a run that gets my heart pumping for just 20 - 30 minutes, I almost always feel better. If I have time to take a yoga class, I find it really helpful as well since it forces you to control your breathing and calms your mind. I'm told that meditation is also very effective, though as yet, I haven't been able to get myself to stay still long enough.

The other things I do if I don't have time to work out are just to call a friend or family member and talk about what's stressing me out. Just talking about it and getting it out there I find can really help.

For me, being with someone I love and sharing with them what's challenging helps a lot. Helping others also makes me feel great and reduces stress. Nature, plants and flowers are great environments to unwind. Finally, a good workout coupled with 15 minutes in a sauna is great strategy to revive and relax.
We believe the best way to combat stress is a proactive prepared.  Since life's stressors come in a variety of forms both internal and external you can learn to use a vatiety of tools.

Monitor your internal dialog, practice living in the present.  Read more...

Use positive affirmations everyday.  See how you can form positive affirmations...

Learn breathing exercises.  You can learn a few breathing exercises here...

Try self massage. 

Stretch everyday.  Learn stress relief stretches...

Start a meditation practice.  To learn how check out...

Exercise.  Take your family for a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy each other's company as well as all that nature has to offer.

Hedge your bets and have your stress tool kit ready.  Learn to recognize the signs of stress and use the tools most appropriate and effective in that moment.

And remember, this stress will pass.  Breathe through it and know that this moment of stress will soon be over.  

Best Regards,

Chris & Erica
The best form of stress relief is to have a plan. What do I mean by a plan? 

You can plan on putting aside some time each day as your stress relief moment.

Initially, whatever activity you like would give you stress relief, but you need to be practicing regularly. You see stress does not tell you when it is going to attack. 

Failure to have a plan is the biggest problem that my students encounter.


Having a plan helps you to deal with stress when it attacks.
I have herbal tea which reduces my stress levels to a great extent.
For me, exercise is the best form of stress relief- simple things like walking, swimming, yoga, deep breathing exercises all will help. Also if you are struggling with an issue, don't keep it to yourself, talk to someone about it (someone that you trust). Hope this helps.

Hi Cindy,

 I would have to say that the best forms of stress relief are:



Breathing Techniques

And Exercise


For me meditation has been proven in scientific studies to switch the brain into alpha and theta brain waves. The brain is much more relaxed in these states and meditating is the equivalent of having a deep sleep.


Breathing techniques are really useful as well because you can do them sat at your desk or while doing other chores like cleaning or ironing. A simple exercise you can do now is:


1. Breathe in for a count of 4

2. Hold your breath for a count of 4

3. Breathe out for a count of 4.

4. Continue this routine for up to 5 minutes then have a break.


This technique should change your state of mind quickly and reduce your stress within minutes.


Exercise is my final stress relief technique of choice. We seem to create stress in the mind so by exercising you help to ground yourself in your body and release tension stored up in the day.


There are lots more stress relief techniques that you can use - please visit my website if you want to find out more.


Hope this helps and good luck,


Piers Cross

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